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re-introduction n : a proposal of something previously rejected; "they avoided a re-introduction of the old terminology"reintroduction n : an act of renewed introduction

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  1. the act of introducing something again, especially the release of animals from captivity into the wild

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Reintroduction is the deliberate release of species into the wild, from captivity or relocated from other areas where the species survives. It usually involves species that are endangered or extinct in the wild. Because reintroduction involves native species that have become (locally) extinct, some prefer the term "re-establishment".

Survival skills

It may be very hard to reintroduce EW species into the wild, even if their natural habitats were restored. A main reason may be that the survival techniques, which are normally passed from parents to offspring during parenting, are lost. In other words it may be explained by that the genetics of the species is saved, but the natural memetics of the species is lost.
Beginning in the 1980s, biologists have learned that many mammals and birds need to learn a lot in order to survive in the wild. Thus, reintroduction programmes have to be planned carefully, ensuring that the animals have the necessary survival skills. It is also necessary to study the animals after the reintroduction. The goals of this study include learning whether the animals are surviving and breeding, and what effects the reintroduction is having on the ecosystem, and to learn how to improve the process.
Still, it may require a reintroduction of a very vast number of animals into the wild in order to be sure that an adequate number of them succeed in learning how to survive. For instance, in the reintroduction of Houbara Bustards into the wild in the United Arab Emirates, more than 5,000 birds per year are used.

IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialist Group

The IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialist Group (RSG) is one of the over 100 Specialist groups of the Species Survival Commission (SSC), which is one of the six IUCN Commissions, with its headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. The RSG is one of the few disciplinary Specialist Groups (e.g. Veterinary, Conservation Breeding) as opposed to the majority which are taxon based (e.g. Crocodile, Cat, Orchid).
The role of the RSG is to promote the re-establishment of viable populations in the wild of animals and plants. The need for this role was felt due to the increased demand from re-introduction practitioners, the global conservation community and increase in re-introduction projects worldwide.
Increasing numbers of animal and plant species are becoming rare, or even extinct in the wild. In an attempt to re-establish populations, species can – in some instances – be re-introduced into an area, either through translocation from existing wild populations, or by re-introducing captive-bred animals or artificially propagated plants.

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